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Previous WritersNL Awards & Contests

Click on the event name for full information on previous WritersNL events, contests, and more.

Winter E-Zine 2023
Winter E-Zine 2022
Winter E-Zine 2021

Romance Writing Contests:
WritersNL Romance Writing Contest 2024
WritersNL Romance Writing Contest 2023
“Whisper Sweet Nothings” 2022
“Only Love Can Break Your Heart” 2021
“Let’s Get It On… Paper” 2020
“50 Ways to Love Your Lover” 2019

National Poetry Month:
25th National Poetry Month, 2023
24th National Poetry Month, 2022
23rd National Poetry Month, 2021
22nd National Poetry Month, 2020

Halloween Spooky Story Writing Contests:
A Nightmare on George Street, 2023
A Nightmare in Mount Pearl, 2022
A Nightmare on George Street, 2021
A Nightmare on George Street, 2020
A Nightmare on George Street, 2019

Youth Contests:
“Adorable Adoptables” Writing Contest, 2024
Fans of Fan Fiction” Writing Contest, 2023
You Crack Me Up” Comedy Writing Contest, 2022
“Folklore Next-Door” Writing Contest, 2022
A TEXT-BASED Summer Writing Contest, 2021

Arts in the Time of Covid Readings, 2021:
Indie Authors Readings
International Women’s Day Readings
Writing in the Time of Covid Readings
Youth Readings

Other WritersNL Contests and Events:
“The Ocean is a Magnet” (NL Writes)
Summer Haiku Series
International Women’s Day Readings, 2022
International Women’s Day, 2021
Write a Letter to Santa as an Adult, 2021
Drag Storytime with Raise Up Fundraising, 2021
A Christmas Contest with The Newfoundland Herald, 2019
Postcard Story Contest, 2018
Write it in Emoji, 2017