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2021 Youth Readings

Congratulations to our 2021 Youth Readings Winners!

• Ellen Curtis

• Caitlin Newell

• Claire Donnan

Thanks as well to the Youth Committee; Emily Hepditch, Melissa Wong, Elizabeth Fleet, Nicole Hackett, and Hannah Jenkins.


We asked WANL Youth Members (30 and under) to write a letter to their past selves – before the Covid-19 pandemic changed the world as we know it.
The big question we wanted our Youth Authors to answer: What do you know now that you wish you knew then?

Maybe you would have spent more time with friends and family.
Or maybe you would have spent more time alone, getting used to being alone.
Maybe you would have attended that school dance.
Maybe you would have enrolled in that extra MUN course.
Or maybe you would have taken on a remote learning course before it was the only option.
Maybe you would have volunteered at the pet shelter you follow on Facebook.
Maybe you would have finally got that dog you’ve been wanting for years.
Maybe, maybe, maybe…

There’s a lot of maybe’s – and there may be a valuable lesson within!
Congrats to our top three, and thank you to all who submitted. 🙂