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2021 International Women’s Day Readings

Congratulations to our 2021 International Women’s Day Readings Winners!

Hannah Jenkins, author of “The Lingers of Embers”

Karen Murray-Bergquist, author of “Castle Cnidaria”

Sarah Thompson, author of ‘The Smile of Inspiration”

Honourable mention: Tracey Kreuzberg, author of “Marchen.”

Thanks as well to our jurors; JE Solo, Tracey Waddleton and Ava Woolf.


In this call for submissions, we asked WANL Members to write about…
The women who inspire you.
The women who helped you feel like or act like a better person.
The women we look up to as role models.
The women in your family. The women at your workplace.
The women who survived and the women we’ve lost.
The women who smashed the glass ceiling and kept reaching farther.
The women who smashed the patriarchy and refused to be silenced.
The LGBTQ women, Indigenous women, and BIPOC women fighting for equality.
The women who improved the lives of their fellow women, through advocacy, invention, ingenuity and bravery.

And to invoke their strong spirits in your writing!

Applicants were asked to submit a recorded video featuring a reading of an original piece that focuses on women in some way. This writing prompt was purposefully generic, leaving applicants with ample room for creativity and exploration.

Congrats to our top three, and thank you to all who submitted!