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Celebrate Summer with WritersNL!

Submit your summer-y snaps + an accompanying haiku to be featured!

Send us a gorgeous photo and accompanying haiku to be featured on WritersNL’s Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!

We’ll be updating our social media all summer long with various writing-related events, opportunities, calls for submissions, and more, but we’d LOVE to bring some colour to your newsfeed by featuring photos and poems from WritersNL Members!

To be featured, please submit a photo and accompanying haiku
(or any kind of poem you’re comfortable sharing on social media!)

Remember, haikus are short-form poetry, presented in three lines, using a 5, 7, 5 pattern – that’s syllables, of course!

We’ll pair your poem with your artwork, and credit you, of course!
(Please note: anonymous submissions are also accepted.) 

Here’s an example from Member Services Coordinator Wendy Rose:

Feel free to send along any other accompanying info that you think is relevant, such as where the photo was taken, the inspiration for your poem, or anything along those lines!
We aim to use this fun little social media campaign as a way to connect with, engage with, and most importantly, celebrate all of our WritersNL Members and everything have done/are doing/hope to do!

Example: This photo was taken in downtown St. John’s. The bright red flowers contrasted so beautifully with the green grass that I felt compelled to lean over the fence and into someone’s front lawn to snap this shot.
– Wendy Rose

Send your photo + haiku(s) or poems to to be featured!

Please note: This is not an official WritersNL contest, therefore entrants will not receive payment or other prizes for participating. WritersNL’s Summer Haiku Campaign is intended to connect writers via social media by using simple, short-form poetry that is accessible to creators of all ages, levels, and backgrounds, while simultaneously showcasing the beauty of this short but glorious Summer season. WritersNL thanks you for your interest.