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Adorable Adoptables – Youth Writing Contest

Congratulations to the winners of WritersNL’s Adorable Adoptables Writing Contest for Youth Members ages 30 and under!

(February 7, 2024) – WritersNL is ecstatic to announce the winners of our latest Youth Writing Contest, “Adorable Adoptables,” presented in partnership with the Exploits Valley SPCA Adoptables (EVSPCA).

This contest asked Members of WritersNL ages 30 and under to create their own “origin stories” for pets up for adoption at the Exploits Valley SPCA, using photos uploaded to our Facebook photo album, “Adorable Adoptables” + the background info in the photo caption provided by EVSPCA.

Read each individual winning entry by clicking on the story title linked below, or keep scrolling!

This contest was our most successful Youth Writing Contest to date, with 15 excellent entries received from young writers all over Newfoundland and Labrador. Entries were blind-judged by the WritersNL Youth Committee and EVSPCA volunteers, giving us our top five.

The Winners of “Adorable Adoptables” Youth Writing Contest are:

🥇 1st place: $250: “Jack-o-lantern” by Olivia Bradbury 
🥈 2nd place: $200: “Jiggs” by Willem Peters 
🥉 3rd place: $150: “Little Briar Cat” by Alison Kelmer 
🏅 Runner Up: $100: “Columbus – Swimming With The Fishes” by Emma Cole
🏅 Runner Up: $100: “Nelly” by Sally Cunningham

Thanks again to everyone who submitted to this contest – We look forward to presenting more exciting Youth opportunities in 2024!


On behalf of the adorable adoptables at the EVSPCA – Thanks for reading!

Enter WritersNL’s new Youth Writing Contest!

WritersNL is excited to announce our newest Youth Writing Contest – “Adorable Adoptables!” 😻

Presented in partnership with the Exploits Valley SPCA Adoptables (EVSPCA), we are calling on Members of WritersNL ages 30 and under to create their own “origin stories” for pets up for adoption at the Exploits Valley SPCA.

Help WritersNL help the EVSPCA get these adorable adoptables into their loving, “furever” homes by writing your own tale about your selected animal’s background and history! 🐈‍⬛ 🐱 🐈

Using photos uploaded to our Facebook photo album, “Adorable Adoptables” + the background info in the photo caption provided by EVSPCA, we want you to create your own fictional tale of this animal’s colourful past and bright future.

We encourage the fantastic, mystical and heart-warming as your fiction can work to create a true bond between potential adopters and the furry friends you write about!

How to get involved:

Visit us on Facebook to view all animals available for adoption for YOUR story! Each animal photo is accompanied by some details – their age, how long they’ve been in the shelter, and some of their character traits. The rest of the details are totally up to you!

• Using the provided info and inspiration from your chosen animal’s adorable photo, write a short story about your selected animal. Submissions can be up to a maximum of 600 words.
Your creative fiction story can tell your audience where the animal came from, their personality traits, things they like/don’t like, favourite toys, and so on. You can even create a wild weird and wacky off-the-wall story about how they time travelled from ancient Egypt and accidentally became domesticated… The goal of this contest is to encourage creativity and fun while giving a voice and a history to a previously unknown animal!

• Submit your work to WritersNL via email in a .doc file format. Send submissions to membership@writersnl.causing the subject line “Adorable Adoptables.”
Please ensure there are no identifying markers on your submission such as your name, contact info, etc., to ensure blind judging.

The prizes are:
🥇 1st place: $250
🥈 2nd place: $200
🥉 3rd place: $150
🏅 Runner Up x2: $100 each

Deadline for submissions: “Change A Pet’s Life Day” on January 24, 2024 @ 11:59 p.m. NST

Winning submissions will be released on the WritersNL website, WritersNL social media platforms and EVSPCA Facebook page in early February – exact date TBD.

Reminder: This writing contest is open to all WritersNL Youth members (ages 30 and under) in good standing.

Questions? Concerns? Email to discuss.