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WritersNL’s Jury Pool

WritersNL seeking qualified candidates for Juror Pool

WritersNL offers a variety of programs that require knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the writing industry to act as jurors. These jury members receive financial and/or in-kind compensation for their work.

To maximize the number of qualified WritersNL members who participate in our jurying opportunities, and improve the process we use to identify, contact, and secure jurors, WritersNL is inviting you to apply for its new Juror Pool.
Successful applicants will be part of a group we are assembling of authors, publishing professionals, professors, librarians, and other representatives of the writing community who wish to be contacted for jurying opportunities.
Applicants can reside either in or outside Newfoundland and Labrador.

PLEASE NOTE: You must be a WritersNL Member in good standing to apply.

Successful applicants will typically have:
– A demonstrated record of publication (at least two books, or multiple articles, short stories, poems, plays, etc., or a mix of book-length and short-form works)
– Experience in assessing, teaching, and/or critically examining written works in a professional capacity
– Experience assessing and/or critically examining written works as a judge or juror in writing competitions

The above is provided for guidance, to help applicants understand usual juror qualifications. WritersNL will consider other combinations of experience not listed above that show your expertise in evaluating written work.

To apply, please complete the application below.

Note that jurying opportunities are limited. Not all members who are successful in joining the Juror Pool will necessarily be selected to participate during the year.
WritersNL also reserves the right to contact members who may not have submitted to this open call, should specific skill sets be required, although ensuring equitability of all opportunities will continue to be our priority.