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Vanessa Cardoso Whelan

Vanessa Cardoso Whelan is a multidisciplinary artist, street performer and clown hailing from Brazil, with a passion for contemporary theatre and body movement awareness, especially related to Flamenco dancing.

Graduating in Theatre Arts in 2004, she has performed with several artistic groups onstage and in street productions, as an actress, Flamenco dancer, puppeteer and fire flow dancer. Backstage activities include production assistant and stage manager . She also has given theatre and dance instruction to adults and kids.

Vanessa has been actively engaged in the local arts scene since moving to NL in 2014, performing in theatre productions, dancing Flamenco, clowning, doing her Living Statue, participating in diverse artistic workshops and festivals.

She had the opportunity to participate in a writing mentorship with TODOS productions, she wrote a short play that will be in the St John’s Short festival 2020. 

Vanessa likes to give her art back to the community, by doing volunteer performances for new Canadians/refugees and other Organizations. 

Instagram: @vanessacardosoartstuff
Facebook: Vanessa Cardoso Whelan / Vanessa Cardoso Art Stuff