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Sheldon Crocker

Sheldon is a graduate of Business Management at Keyin College with over an 80% overall average. It was during a time in his life when he slept on park benches and ate sidewalk donuts

As a person who struggled to make friendships, he won the Human Relations Award during his Dale Carnegie training. He is an inspirational/keynote speaker. In the last three years, he has spoken at the AGMs of Social Justice organizations, a kick-off event for ExxonMobil’s United Way Campaign, currently the President of the Positive Thinkers Club here in St. John’s. Sheldon wrote, edited, formatted and published his book entitled ‘KEEP on WALKING’ – A Transformative and Inspirational Journey,’ an autobiography/book of poetry/self-help book/diary-journal all rolled into one. Sheldon’s message that “if I CAN, which I HAVE and ALWAYS WILL, overcome obstacles to create a better life for myself, SO CAN YOU! One step at a time and WE WILL make it to the end of the line.” He says that he does not allow himself to be disabled; instead, he has dis-ABILITY to adventure outside his comfort zone—dis-ABILITY to overcome obstacles. He is Transforming Fear into Freedom From Servitude to Serenity. HOW GREAT IT IS!