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Ron Lloyd Ryan

Rev. Dr. Ryan hails from Roberts Arm, Green Bay South, and is a full-blood Beothuck.

Ron, as most people now call him (although family and long-time friends still call him Lloyd), spent a career in Education, mostly here in this province, but three years on a Cree reserve in Northern Ontario.  He served as classroom teacher (Junior and senior high), elementary and high school principal, curriculum and instructional consultant, teacher mentor and evaluator, as well as counsellor in and out of school.

Dr. Ryan spent eight years at Memorial University (Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Secondary Education, Master of Education (Administration), and visited other universities and colleges and ended up with a Doctor of Arts (Theology) – Bethany Seminary and Bible College, and a PhD (Science) – University of Southern Mississippi, with two additional; years counselling psychology (City University, Renton Washington State.).  He was elected a voting member of the American Psychological Association in 2000 in which he maintained membership until 2020.

Dr, Ryan is a writer and published author of long standing.  He has a long list of articles in professional journals, a book on Staff Development (Prentice Hall, 1987) as well as a number of novels.

Since he was a youth, he has been collecting the folk stories of his Beothuck people in Green Bay South and estimates that he as about 4000 pages of related notes, most from Beothuck elders’ stories  and face-face interviews.  Four of his volumes of the series “Tales From Harbour Divine (Volumes 1 – 4) are now on Amazon, and he anticipates that by the time he has published everything, he will have 15 – 20 volumes.

Twelve years ago, Dr., Ryan began an independent research project focused on the origin and history of the Beothuck people , a project that turned into a focus on almost all other Indigenous people in North America.  He has about 5000+ pages of notes emanating from that research that he is now publishing.  He expects the totality to be about eight volumes of a series called, They Called it Vinland.”  Three volumes are now available on Amazon and expects others to be available in the near future.

As a long time church affiliate, Rev. Ryan has served as pulpit minister for over 40 years on a voluntary basis.  He was ordained by the Unitarian Christian Church of America. He has also written numerous articles related to Unitarian Christian theology and has begun to publish a series of related volumes with the series name, “A New revelation,” one volume of which is now on Anmazon.

Dr. Ryan is President of Beothuck Nation .  he was inducted as an hereditary elder and speaker for the Beothucks when he was 14 years old with his grandmother performing the ceremony.  She was indicted as hereditary elder and speaker for the Beothucks  in a ceremony “in the woods” when she was 13 years old (in 1893).

Everybody tells Rev. Dr. Ryan that he talks too much, his enthusiasm for his various projects always active.