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Paula Bryant

Paula grew up in Trinity Bay, NL. Her hometown and love of its coastal trails has provided inspiration for her current work in progress. Since finishing her first draft, she is both excited and terrified of getting her work into the world. She has written a YA novel, blending Newfoundland and Labrador folklore with elements of survival surviving grief, ruptured relationships, and a dying rural community.

Paula holds a Bachelor of Arts degree (with a French major and an English minor) from Memorial University of Newfoundland and a Bachelor of Education degree from Queen’s University. She currently works full time as a Senior Business Analyst in the Public Affairs Branch of a Federal Government Agency. 

In her free time, she hops between hobbies: reading (of course), yoga, hiking, painting, playing ukulele. On fine days, you might spot her pedaling her jazzy aqua-blue bike on the trailway in CBS.