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Patrick Collins

Patrick Collins is a retired educator who taught in various communities throughout Newfoundland and Labrador. He finished his teaching career in education as a Curriculum Program Specialist, working in School Districts on the Avalon Peninsula.

He has published seven literary works: a biography called “Dr. Charles Cron. A Doctor for All Time: A Man Who Cured Our Hearts”; “The Harbour Grace Affray”; “The Spirit of the S.S. Kyle”; “Murder at Mosquito Cove” and “Belonging.”

Historical fiction is his genre of choice with most of his research related to nineteenth century crime in Newfoundland and Labrador.

His next novel will be on the shelves August 2017 entitled “What Lies Below.” This is another work of historical fiction recounting the life of a young inexperienced British submariner who is traumatized on the high seas. This affects his life as he takes up with with a beautiful local girl whom he marries during World War Two.

Born and raised in Riverhead, Harbour Grace, he continues to enjoy teaching, researching and writing.

He may be reached at his e-mail address: