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Lillian Hoffe-Reardon

Lillian Hoffe-Reardon is an aspiring teen author who started writing in 2020 at her babysitter’s. She has started writing as a passion and is ready to see what the future holds for her writing.

After she left her babysitter’s, her passion for writing never died. She did take a bit of a hiatus from writing but she’s back at it now. Her first book will be about death and her idea of reincarnation.

But, even though she is only a teenager and still being in school, she can not wait to publish her first book. She plans on also writing a full series in the future but for now, she will stick to just novels.

She mainly writes fiction and books about elves, magical beings, and mythology. Although she hasn’t been writing for that long, she’s ready to see what the world will think of her books.