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Lawrence E. Collins


Lawrence E. Collins travels, hikes, fishes and writes from his hometown, St. John’s, NL.

His stories have been published in magazines, including Canadian Stories Magazine, ‘The Dress’, Vol 17 No. 96, April/May, 2014, ‘Ebenezer’s Party’, feature story, Vol 17 No. 99, Oct/Nov, 2014, at [Archives 2014], and ‘Sidney’, Vol 18 No. 102, April/May, 2015.

His story “God Bless” was published in March 5, 2019 edition of Story-Quilt. Fiction editor wrote in email to him: “Beautiful, and I say this through tears. In so few words you have captured parents’ hearts.”

His story “In Contempt” was published in January 2019 edition. The story’s second segment gives voice to a woman who suffered the ultimate cruelty in the 1830’s under our justice system. He is hopeful the first segment may give someone some time after reading it in mental despair that extra moment to pause…and not act but instead seek professional help.

Also on Story-Quilt are co-authored stories with Beverley Anne Callahan.

He has co-authored stories with William E. Coady in Newfoundland Quarterly, “Where the Heart Is Vol. 89 No. 3 1995 and “Going Back Vol. 89 No. 4 1995 where they combined sections I, III in former Mr. Coady wrote and II, III in latter Mr. Collins wrote.

Collins was one of many authors featured in”Harbingers, A Collection Of Stories,” written by Tony Collins, William E. Coady, Beverley Anne Callahan and Lawrence E. Collins.

This volume contains 20 short stories. Thirteen are by Lawrence E. Collins.