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Kimberly Durnford-Courtney

Kimberly Durnford-Courtney has been interested in writing all her life. She has written songs, poetry and stories and recently has chosen to pursue novel writing, of which she throughly enjoys. She is originally from the small isolated town of Francois where she grew up, raise her two daughters and lived for the first 47 years of her life. She now lives in Hermitage.

Kim has had many occupations in her life, from chairperson of the town council of Francois for 20 years, to running a tour boat company with her husband, Charles. At this point of her life, she is a fisherperson who, alongside her husband, runs their own fishing business catching crab and halibut. She loves a creative challenge where she gets to express herself in each new chapter of her life and uses what she learns and experiences in life as a big part of her writing.