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Karin Murray-Bergquist

Karin Murray-Bergquist is a writer, actor, artist, and PhD student in Folklore. Their work has appeared in The Deeps, Augur Magazine, Lighthouse Digest, Metapsychosis, Queer Sci-Fi anthologies, Engen Books’ anthologies Acceptance: Stories at the Centre of Us and Fairy Tales from the Rock, and Air and Nothingness Press anthologies. A constantly restless individual, Karin is always searching for new avenues of storytelling and ways to combine research and the arts.

Karin’s travel poetry can be found in the digital travel map Terra Precognita, a compilation of poems and illustrations. Research on maritime ghost stories in Newfoundland and Labrador has led to the Ghost Ship Map, available at, and the digital ghost storytelling map, This Spectred Isle, available at Playwriting history includes The Museum of Cursed Objects (St. John’s Short Play Festival, 2021), and Dracula: A Radio Play (2023).

As one half of the Practical Fantasists creative team, Karin co-edited and contributed to the speculative fiction collection A Compendium of Enigmatic Species, a co-production with author and scientist Mary Thaler. Between 2020 and 2021, Karin co-wrote, co-produced, sound edited, and performed in the medieval comedy fantasy radio play Corentin in Quarantine, available at more about Karin’s creative work at or listen to ocean podcast The Deeps at