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Karen Bennett


Karen Bennett considers herself fortunate to live in Cow Head, NL. The calm, sometime pulsing ocean waves, the ever-changing hues of the Long Range Mountains, and the community itself, provide perspective and inspiration for her writing. Karen holds a BA degree (major in English) and a BA(Ed) degree from Memorial, benefitting her both as a writer and a teacher. Her journalism work includes features articles, fiction, Gros Morne Theatre Festival reviews, interviews and being a columnist for the Northern Pen. For over four years, Karen was an associate editor of the Anglican Life newspaper. She has contributed to magazines such as Our Canada, Downhome, Atlantic Books Today, Where it’s At, WORD, and the literary journal, Newfoundland Quarterly. Inclusion of her stories and poetry in anthologies, like Tales Told by Teachers, Thursday 13th, and Gap/Spanners, has been a particular highlight. The newest anthology by Cabbit Productions will contain some of her work. Yes, life on the coast has initiated ideas meant to be shared.