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Erin Snow

Erin Snow identifies an Indigenous women from Labrador. Erin specializes in providing Cultural understanding, awareness and respect in all aspects of her work, life and community. She is a mother, wife and daughter of a former residential school survivor and fisherman with deep roots in both Labrador and Newfoundland. She is an entrepreneur who owns and operates Labrador Consulting Services that provides Cultural Awareness Indigenous Learning (CAIL) sessions with a range of topics including CAIL specific to NL.

Erin has a passion for writing and is a new upcoming author. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration with over 20 years working experience, much lived experiences, an entrepreneurial, and passion to enhance cultural heritage knowledge and create more positive socio economic Interactions and experiences with Indigenous peoples across the nation. Erin has worked in many sectors, including education, business, aviation, trades, finance, political, public with various levels of government, and entrepreneurship