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Christine Hennebury

Christine Hennebury is a writer, storyteller, and creative life coach with a knack for finding connection and community through stories.
Her non-fiction, which focuses on encouraging readers to create personal change through reframing and self-kindness, regularly appears on the CBC-NL website. She also has a weekly writing encouragement column on the 10 Minute Novelists website, and she is a bi-monthly contributor to the Fit is a Feminist Issue blog.
Christine’s fiction, which often explores the spaces women create for themselves and others to thrive, ranges from flash fiction, short stories, mystery games, monologues, and one-act plays to her current project – a novel tentatively titled Not Even Close.
She frequently holds coaching workshops and classes (online and in-person) about writing, storytelling, and exploring personal creative practices. Her most popular creativity class is Stop Thinking and Write, which is designed to coax ‘stuck’ writers back to the page. As a graduate of the Business and Arts NL Creative Edge (2020) program, she has also recently offered workshops on writing artist bios, the role of storytelling in workplace communication, and the empathy-building power of stories.
Christine is the founder and chair of the Association for the Arts in Mount Pearl, the Training Liaison and acting Vice-President for the Storytellers of Canada-Conteurs du Canada, and a former President of Storytelling St. John’s.