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Angela “AJ” Churchill (AJ Ryan)

AJ works as a full-time freelance editor where she follows her passion for conveying stories with clarity and creativity. She holds an English degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador with a minor in History. School is where she began editing and teaching essay skills, which then continued on into the publishing industry. AJ began taking steady editing work in 2018 and has progressively increased her client list of amazing established and upcoming authors. She also regularly edits for Engen Books.
While she works with all categories of fiction, AJ is known for her specialty in the genre of romance, especially lesbian romance. She also works with numerous science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, and horror authors.
AJ believes in doing more than making corrections. Using influences from the story grid method, as well as traditional manuals, she assists authors in the process of making their stories the most accessible and successful works possible.
She has also been a frequent panelist and speaker at industry workshops and presentations. Her public speaking engagements are part of her mission to demystify the industry, remove any stigma from the profession, and help authors become comfortable with the editing process.