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Past Fresh Fish Winners and Runners-Up

The Newfoundland and Labrador Credit Union Fresh Fish Award has launched several careers since its beginnings in 2006. Below is a complete list of past Fresh Fish Award winners and runners-up, many of whom have since been published.

We are proud of the accomplishments of each of our applicants and look forward to seeing what else they achieve throughout the course of their careers.


Winner: Tia McLennan (Familiar Monsters of the Flood)
Runners-up: Santiago Guzmán (Urn) and Khadija Rehma (Dishonorable Daughters)


Winner: Clay Everest (No Subject for the Inexperienced)
Runners-up: Carmella Gray-Cosgrove (Nowadays and Lonelier) and Olivia Anne Robinson (The Blue Moth Motel)


Winner: Matthew Hollett (Optic Nerve)
Runners-up: Terry Doyle (We All Do) and Liz Solo (Phreak)


Winner: Susie Taylor (Dispelling the Myths)
Runners-up: Sharon Bala (The Boat People) and Eva Crocker (Barrelling Forward and Other Stories)


Winner: Paul Whittle (Everything Is What It Is)
Runners-up: Joshua Goudie (The Art of Dogs) and Tracey Waddleton (Send More Tourists, The Last Ones Were Delicious)


Winner: Lesleyanne Ryan (Braco)
Runners-up: Patrick Carroll (Manigotagan) and Scott Cowan (How to Softly Break a Wild Horse)


Winner: Dave Andrews (West Orange)
Runners-up: Danielle Devereaux (The Chrome Chair) and Andreae Prozesky (sparrows, sparks)


Winner: Jamie Fitzpatrick (It All Comes Down to This)
Runners-up: Stephen Rowe (Preservations) and Claire Wilkshire (untitled novel)


Winner: Craig Francis Power (Blood Relatives)
Runners-up: Degan Davis (The Forgetting Room) and Bruce Johnson (Firmament) 


Winner: Sara Tilley (Snowflake-Young published as Skin Room)
Runners-up: Degan Davis (The Forgetting Room) and Claire Wilkshire (Maxine and Other Stories)