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Get Listed on WANL’s Writers for Hire Page

Fill out the form below to have your information listed on WritersNL’s Writers for Hire page!

WritersNL encourages the recognition of the professional status of writers. As the provincial literary sector organization, WritersNL works to enhance and protect the rights of our writers and has identified the right to be fairly compensated for their work as a high priority for our members.

Writers must be paid for their services, including readings, manuscript evaluations, proposal writing, editing, school visits, etc (funding for some of these activities, such as school visits, may be available through sources such as the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council and school boards).

Actual fees for services should be negotiated with the writer; this directory is intended only to provide information. We encourage you to consider hiring writers to address your writing and related needs.
Writers for Hire are listed alphabetically by last name.