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WANL’s Ask Me Anything with Author Brad Dunne

March 2, 2021 at 7 p.m.

ASK ME ANYTHING – a conversation with author Brad Dunne, facilitated by Andrew Waterman
During this AMA event, which will take place on the WANL Facebook page, our facilitator Andrew Waterman will be chatting with Brad Dunne, a 2019 shortlisted author for WANL’s 2019 A Nightmare on George Street spooky story writing contest,  author of “After Dark Vapours,”and contributor to “Terror Nova,” both published by Engen Books.
Audience participation is encouraged – add your question for Brad into the comment section, so our facilitator can pick his brain for you!
Brad Dunne is a freelance writer living and working in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland. He specializes in historical fiction couched in genre writing, particularly horror. He has published two novels, shorts stories, articles, and book reviews with a variety of publications including Engen Books, the Literary Review of Canada, and the Canadian Encyclopedia. Brad began his career in 2013 after a six-month editorial internship at The WalrusPrior to that, he worked at Memorial University as a tutor at their Writing Centre. Brad has also edited several novels and anthologies for Engen.  
Before joining The Telegram a year and a half ago, Andrew Waterman worked with the CBC and had two years of schooling from the College of the North Atlantic Journalism Program. In his last year, he received an award for my work.Before all that, he was a “knockabout,” working an outrageous number of jobs over a period of 10-11 years, while working on music and writing in his off time. Though, to be fair, he sometimes snuck away from work to write as well. At that time, his focus was his own fiction, lyrics, poetry and prose. Now, his focus is on the art, music and writing of others. Andrew has been complimented by artists/musicians/writers for his ability to ask questions that make them feel as if they’re talking to a peer, a comment that has yet to lose its impact – It feels great.
Andrew has an endless amount of curiosity about art, how it’s made, what its purpose is, why humans have made art since the beginning of time and why we continue to make art today.
We’re still taking submissions for more “Ask Me Anything” Facilitators and Participants!
These are 💵 PAID 💵 opportunities, going directly into the pockets of our writers.
AMA DATES: The following Tuesdays at 7 p.m.:
March 2, March 16, March 30
“Ask Me Anything” Facilitator + Participant Call for Submissions
WANL wants to put you in an open forum and let the sparks fly. Our AMA is modelled after the popular Reddit trend of AMA: Ask Me Anything, where users have the opportunity to ask questions directly either live in the moment or by submitting a question in advance. WANL AMA’s will have a select number of questions prepared in advance, with room to take questions “off the floor.”
• The ideal candidate to facilitate an AMA would be a person with a deep knowledge of the local writing scene and is able to ask questions on the fly as needed. A journalistic background or relevant past interview experience is an asset.
• The ideal participant to answer these questions in the AMA would also have a vast wealth of knowledge and be willing to candidly chat about the local writing scene, as well as their own work. Preferably, the candidate will have some potentially new or newsworthy items to discuss, such as a new book, upcoming event, a work in progress, or something along those lines.
What to submit:
• a resume detailing your knowledge/expertise
• a comprehensive overview of the topic you feel qualified to discuss, and why
• any advance questions that you’d like to answer or ask during the panel
• any tech requirements or ideas
Please submit your Expression of Interest – including your resume, detailed biography, and headshot to

Times and Locations

March 2, 2021

7:00 pm