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WORKSHOP: The Transformative Power of Therapeutic Writing: A Journey in Healing with Lindsey Harrington

September 20, 2023

WritersNL and Health Accord NL Presents… The Transformative Power of Therapeutic Writing: A Journey in Healing with Lindsey Harrington

*This workshop is open to WritersNL Members & the general public.*

Therapeutic writing has helped Lindsey Harrington in her darkest hours and on her hardest days, and she’s excited to discuss and practice it with you. Writing in this way can be transformative, helping you understand your struggles and find empathy for yourself and others.

During this two-hour introductory workshop, you can expect to learn the pillars of therapeutic writing and review samples. You will look at five frameworks and complete generative writing activities applying them. Core to the workshop will be discussing how to maintain psychological safety before, during, and after therapeutic writing.

This is a participatory workshop, so please come prepared to write (although sharing with the larger group is optional).

*Please note, that Lindsey is not a trained therapist or social worker but rather a therapeutic writing practitioner and a seasoned workshop facilitator, eager to share information, ideas, and exercises with you.*


Lindsey Harrington is a Nova Scotian writer with Newfoundland roots. She discovered therapeutic writing when she was facing mental health struggles three years ago and it has been transformative for her, helping her understand her struggles and find kindness and empathy for herself and others. She has written poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction using the principles of therapeutic writing and credits it—in tandem with therapy and medication—with helping her heal. It has helped her come to terms with familial estrangement, sexual identity, addictions, belonging, a friend’s suicide (and subsequent grief), and the pandemic—among many other things.

Lindsey has been shortlisted for Nova Scotia’s Budge Wilson Short Fiction Prize and won their Rita Joe Poetry Prize. She has been published by Sunlight Press, Books Ireland, Off Topic Publishing, and Brilliant Flash, among others. She’s currently working on a short story collection about breakups, Coming Apart, and a memoir about choosing not to have children, Free or Less.

In addition to being an enthusiastic writer, Lindsey is also a professional facilitator. She has presented hundreds of workshops and courses in a range of topics—from collective agreement fundamentals to entrepreneurship to ekphrastic poetry. She has an MBA and a Certificate in Teaching Skills from Memorial University of Newfoundland. Her teaching philosophy is anti “sit and git”. She believes the best learning happens when we reflect, explore, and engage with material through discussion and hands-on activities.

Learn more about Lindsey at, or follow her on LinkedIn and Instagram.


Times and Locations

September 20, 2023

7:00 pm