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WORKSHOP: Soulful Dialogues: Health and Healing Through Personal Narrative with Simisola Johnson

September 19, 2023

WritersNL and Health Accord NL Presents… Soulful Dialogues: Health and Healing Through Personal Narrative with Simisola Johnson

Embark on a journey through the realm of illness narratives, where we endeavour to retell our suffering coherently and draw connections to the determinants of health with our immersive workshop “Soulful Dialogues.”

Join us for a transformative experience that will enhance your ability to connect, empathize, and communicate the innately human experience of symptoms and suffering through the art of storytelling.

*This workshop is open to WritersNL Members & the general public.*

Event Highlights:

📚 Illness Narratives as Mirrors: Alan Kleinman’s wisdom reminds us that our stories mirror our health journeys. Explore the art of expressing and interpreting illness narratives as tools for self-discovery, empowerment, and healing.

🤝 Bearing Witness and Connecting: Immerse yourself in the transformative experience of bearing witness to the stories of others. Forge connections as we come together to explore “sickness” in relation to macrosocial forces.

🌈 Collective Unburdening: Join a safe and empathetic space where emotional unburdening becomes a collective endeavour.

🧘 Guided Reflection and Active Listening: Delve into deep reflection and attentive listening. Discover the power of narratives to inspire growth, resilience, and mutual understanding. Engage in group learning that nurtures empathy and insights.

Who Should Attend: Open to learners, storytellers, empathetic souls, and anyone eager to harness the transformative power of narratives to create deeper connections.

Step into a realm where narratives lead us to healing and connection. Be part of “Soulful Dialogues,” where our stories intertwine, revealing the intricate threads of our shared humanity.


Simisola Johnson is a University of Toronto alum, holding a degree in psychology and neuroscience, and a certificate in narrative-based medicine. As a writer, Simisola specializes in public health, with a particular focus on the social determinants of health, intersectionality, and health equity. Her works have been published in prestigious journals such as the University of Toronto Medical Journal, Harvard Public Health Review, Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, and more. Simisola is also an accomplished speaker, driven by a passion to leverage narrative practices to foster equity and enhance well-being. Through their expertise and advocacy, Simisola aims to contribute to a more equitable and inclusive healthcare landscape. In 2023, Simisola created “Soulful Dialogues” to help people improve their awareness of the determinants of health by tapping into the ultimate source for wisdom: personal narrative.


Times and Locations

September 19, 2023

6:30 pm