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Queering and Cripping Your World: Workshop with Emmy Nordstrom Higdon

November 19, 2021

Imagined worlds hold boundless potential for creativity and inclusivity in storytelling. In our current political moment, and in a public-facing industry that is dominated by cisgender, heterosexual, abled, white voices, authors, are faced with important considerations when it comes to questions of representation on the printed page.

As a non-binary, trans, queer, autistic publishing professional with chronic illness and psychiatric disabilities, I see authors from both mainstream and traditionally marginalized backgrounds struggle with these questions every day. In this panel, I will share some of the approaches and resources that I and the authors on my list use to build rich, believable worlds that feature diverse, culturally respectful representation.

Please note: This workshop is open to WANL Members only. Interested applicants can join WANL by clicking here.



Times and Locations

November 19, 2021

7:00 pm