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WORKSHOP: Publishing Fundamentals for Writers – A Workshop with Bruce Walsh

Saturday, November 26, 2022

A veteran of Canada’s book industry, Bruce Walsh will demystify how the publishing process works, from acquisitions to the finished product to how books get into the market.

He will explain the importance of the pitch letter in finding a publisher, why hitting deadlines is paramount to successful publishing, and the dual roles of marketing and author input in creating a bestseller.

Bruce will also discuss his thoughts on literary agents—and how to find a publisher without them—in a nuts and bolts seminar on the arcane world of book publishing.

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A publisher of award winning and bestselling books, Bruce Walsh is former Publisher of House of Anansi Press, founding Director of University of Regina Press, Vice President of Marketing for Margaret Atwood’s Longpen, and Director of Marketing and Publicity at McClelland & Stewart. He is currently on the boards of PEN Canada and the Port Medway Readers’ Festival, is helping to program the Lunenburg Literary Festival, and is Vice Chair of the Disabilities Committee for the South Shore Libraries.


Times and Locations

November 26, 2022

2:00 pm