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Deadline to Apply for Youth Critiquing Panel with Alisha Morrissey

September 27, 2019

Made possible by #RisingYouth Community Service Grants. Thank you TakingITGlobal!

WHEN: 12-4 p.m. October 12, 2019

WHERE: The Lantern on Barnes Road

WHAT: A critiquing workshop aimed for young writers (ages 12-30).

WHO: Alisha Morrissey is an award-winning professional writer, making money from words for more than 15 years. She started out in journalism and has worked in public policy, public relations, corporate communications, and marketing, making her writing as diverse as the people she works with. She is currently the Copy Director at Rogue Penguin Creative, a youth art teacher with Sassy Tuna, and a professional artist working in St. John’s.

A curriculum overview of WANL’s Youth Critiquing Panel with Alisha Morrissey:

• Critique vs Edits: They’re related but not the same… What are the differences?
• Who is the Critique coming from? A teacher? Friends? Fellow writers? This changes the context of how to take critique and how to apply it.
• Interactive element #!: Writing a six word short story on the spot!
• What’s the value in critique? How to find purpose in all the notes… What tidbits can you use? What ones to throw away?
• Learn how to ask for specifics, more information… Why “I don’t like it,” isn’t helpful.
• Interactive element #2: Role playing: Writer & Editor.
• How to take it well, even when it hurts: Learn how to see past your feelings.
• Radical Acceptance: what it means and how to use it.
• Interactive element #3: What critiques have you received? How did you take them? How would you take the same criticism now we’ve done this course?
• Critiquing in general: Q: Does it really matter? A: Only if it matters to you that you get better/more readable!
+ more!

To apply, please submit a short biography, what you hope to learn from this workshop, how you found out about the workshop, and one writing sample (maximum 1,000 words.)

Send your applications to

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