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Deadline for Submissions for Problematic Press

November 1, 2020

Problematic Press Seeking Submissions

Problematic Press is a modest operation with limited resources. Our aim is to publish 1-2 books per year going forward.

Our titles are published as trade paperbacks and ebooks that are distributed through retailers and libraries both online and around the world.

Problematic Press is pleased to make this call for submissions.

  • Highlighted Details
    • DEADLINENov. 1, 2020 (submitted by 11:59pm NL time).
    • We are interested in fiction, non-fiction, and poetry.
    • Final drafts should be 20,000-39,999 words.
    • Responses will be sent to applicants in January 2021.
    • Read the rest of this page thoroughly to get all the details.

We invite pitches from interested authors with titles intended for publication in mid- to late-2021.

Provided the writing demonstrates exceptional mastery of English, we are open to considering original works from any person residing anywhere within Canada and legally entitled to work and earn income within Canada. However, we very much prefer to work with local creators in the St. John’s region of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. This preference is stated outright.

Understand that any licensing agreement that may result from submitting your pitch represents an investment in you as well as your book. Beyond that, you must maintain a public persona that the publisher is excited to endorse. Liabilities will not be tolerated.

Expect this process to be lengthy, rigorous, and arduous. Our authors and artists thrive when challenged, and they have the dedication and patience required to persevere.

Before and after publication, all authors and artists are encouraged to pursue external funding opportunities, such as federal, provincial, and municipal grants. The timing of such opportunities will have an impact on the timeline of publication. That is understandable, and we are flexible enough to work within such a schedule for our grant-winning authors.

If this sounds thrilling to you, then dare to proceed.

Otherwise, turn back now, saving each of us a lot of time.

Problematic Press embodies the way of the MERCANARY™, our trademark sells-word chimaera.

In that spirit, we are excited to receive pitches for book-length works (20,000 words to 39,999 words in length) in a variety of genres.

The key to a winning pitch is that it is high-quality, daring excitement, but — above all — it must be an achievable goal for each of us, from revising to editing to promotion to publication and to promotion again.

What Problematic Press Wants

Problematic Press is only interested in pitches for hitherto unpublished anywhere original works of literature, and we are happy to consider such original works that fall within or near the following areas:

scholarly non-fiction (literature, philosophy, semiotics, arts, humanities); substantial poetry (as in a collection of poems, a lengthy narrative poem, an epic, etc.); literary short fiction collections; sci-fi and fantasy short fiction collections; genre-bending short fiction collections; literary novellas; sci-fi and fantasy novellas; wuxia action novellas; retro-present novellas; retro-future novellas; pulp-styled space operas as novellas; cyber-noir detective novellas; kaiju conflict novellas; fit-to-print erotic novellas; genre-bending novellas; and, high seas adventure novellas.

Visit for full submission details + submission form.

Times and Locations

November 1, 2020

11:59 pm