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Author: WANL Director

Nkwazi Nkuzi Mhango – Inkpod Summer Series 2023

In the sixth and final episode of Inkpod Podcast’s 2023 Summer Series, host Russell Bowers chats with writer and teacher Nkwazi Nkuzi Mhango about his life, thoughts on Africa’s history, and experiences as a writer. They explore Nkwazi’s belief in standing up for… Read More

Paul Butler – Inkpod Summer Series 2023

In Episode #5 of the Inkpod Podcast, host Russell Bowers talks with author Paul Butler about his personal experiences, writing techniques, and insights into historical fiction and contemporary issues like Brexit and gender inequality. They also discuss the importance of… Read More

Libby Creelman – Inkpod Summer Series 2023

In this episode, host Jay McGrath talks to Libby Creelman about her time as Executive Director of WritersNL, writing while simultaneously managing your other career, the power and detriment of the short story, retirement, and her experience with Canadian editor… Read More

Lisa Moore – Inkpod Summer Series 2023

Hosted by Jay McGrath, this episode of Inkpod features acclaimed author Lisa Moore, who shares her insights on storytelling and community support. From her involvement with WritersNL to adapting “February” into an opera, Lisa explores boundaries and ignites creativity, discussing… Read More

Tom Moore – Inkpod Summer Series 2023

In this episode of Inkpod Podcast, Tom Moore and host Jay McGrath discuss fathers, Tom’s association with other writers + how that led to him making a big impact on WritersNL, becoming a national best-seller, his connections to the Queen… Read More

Agnes Walsh – Inkpod Summer Series 2023

In this episode of Inkpod Podcast, host Jay McGrath is with renowned poet, playwright and storyteller Agnes Walsh. Agnes and Jay talk about the influence of artists such as Bob Dylan and Ed Kavanagh on her career, reading poetry around the world, the… Read More