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Join WANL’s Board of Directors!

Did you know that you are eligible to run for positions on our Board of Directors?
At our November 21, 2021 Annual General Meeting, the following positions will be declared vacant:
– President (mid-term election, 1-year term)
– Vice-President (2-year term)
– Treasurer (2-year term)
– St. John’s/Avalon II (2-year term)
– Central/Bonavista/Burin (2-year term)
– Member at Large I (mid-term election, 1-year term)
Member at Large II (2-year term)
– Youth Advocate (mid-term election, 1-year term)
WANL’s Board of Directors has the obligation to maintain, preserve, and further develop the organization by providing governance and management of the organization’s resources. Ours is also a working board, characterized by active participation and diligence in project completion.
A few of the requirements of WANL board members are:
– Directors must be 19 years of age or older.
– Directors must be WANL members in good standing.
– Directors must agree to support WANL’s mandate and objectives.
–  Directors must agree to adhere to and support WANL’s constitution.
– Directors should be able to provide thoughtful input on a broad range of subjects related to writing and publishing, and/or have skills that contribute to the resiliency and evolution of our organization, such as experience in law, accounting, marketing, communications, fundraising, or not-for-profit regulation/governance.
– Directors must value the performance of the Board as a whole over individual interests and should demonstrate integrity and respect for others in executing their responsibilities to WANL.
At the November Annual General Meeting, the Nominating Committee will present a slate of officers for election. Nominations will also be accepted from the floor. The number of nominees may exceed the number of vacant positions. Successful candidates will be decided by vote of the membership.
Interested in putting your name forward, or looking for more information?

Please contact our Board President, Susan Flanagan, via email: